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a thing on me

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

delayed caresses on a soft voice.

a small experiment on sound treatment, based on caro’s voice and text.

a preview of future sound?

nuclear bar (2006)

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

julien ottavi, christian galarreta y yaco live at the nuclear bar, lima, perú; june 2006.

video by gabriel castillo for grita, online creation platform.


2ArCon (1997-1998)

Wednesday, December 30th, 1998

2ArCon (artistas argentinos contemporáneos) was a multi-disciplinary group of
contemporary artists:

sound: aitana kasulin, fernando maglia, jorge mancini, santiago peresón.
performance: andrea fasani, jorge mancini.
graphic design: eXm (silvina nicastro, sofia obarrio)
moving images: eXm, astrita (alejandra almirón, carolina mizrahi).

during 1998 2ArCon produced a montly concert series at la scala de san telmo,
and ‘palacio tomado’, two days of sounds, performances, video and visual arts at
palacio de las artes, both spaces in buenos aires.