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Thursday, May 13th, 2010


noche: parque, patio


de formas y sonidos y elementos fugaces
grillos (après les papillons)
un espacio


entonces las estrellas

estoy trabajando sobre la primera parte, ‘noche: parque, patio’, basada en sonidos que pasan mientras dormimos o no.

[actualizado 2010-05-13]


Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

i recently started working on oe4. will be a long ride:

  • nanoclt: nano cultures, societies of independent agents (’umpalumpas’) which qualify both incoming stimuli and created compositions, based on artificially self-generated non-random aesthetic criteria.
  • compgen: compositional techniques fully created by the system using puredata.
  • arachnes: ‘vagab’ module base, will search the Internet for stimuli.

the intention is to erase the human being (ie: me) from the circuit: stimuli are gathered by an autonomous module (vagab / arachnes), selected by another (nanoclt), used by another (compgen) and the its produced compositions are rewarded by another one (nanoclts again).

this will push human influence further away to become a more subtle (and difficult to avoid) interference, ie: the mental schemes in which the project is based, the criteria used to separate and assign tasks within the system, or the control of the subtle parameters inside it.

sbornia (1996-1999)

Thursday, December 30th, 1999

“che, qué sbornia tengo, hermano. yo me voy a casa.”

a network of sound transforming computer nodes. an installation for a multiple space.

each computer records fragments of the sound around itself, processes them using diverse destructive audio transformations, and sends them to random peers in the network for playback, thus creating confusion in the sound environment.

sbornia means drunkennes in buenos aires slang.

a prototype was shown during ‘palacio tomado’ in august 1998. the project was put in stand-by —but not frozen— in 1999.

oudeis (1996-1997)

Tuesday, December 30th, 1997

a theaterproject in which odysseus journey connected artists and audience all around the world via the internet.The global theater: a confrontation with a new media on the basis of the first occidental epic.

our team first had the idea to produce a theater performance making use of the possibilities offered by the medium internet in october 1995. our choice of theme is nothing less than the odyssey by homer. via mailinglists and online meeting an international group of artists, theater practicionaris and theoreticans worked on a concept for a theater performance, appropriate to the characteristics of the internet. the playscript was written in a collaboration of our webteam at the oudeis-idea list. the work in progress involved several public performances in real space and on the internet.

among immortals, the first oudeis prototype, was presented on june 1997 at the museum of modern art / palais liechtenstein in vienna, austria. a much improved version of this prototype was produced for the 1997 edition of the ars electronica festival.

in fall 1997, the work in progress was put on hold for the time being.

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