archivo del año 2007


Saturday, September 1st, 2007


a composition by oe3, based on pictures from lima, perú.

included in the cd ejercicios de desolación artificial iii published by aloardí.

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Wednesday, August 1st, 2007


a remix of oe3-created sounds with some lo-fi-sample based textures added.

awesome post-mastering by rodrigo gallego and jorge haro at sonido plot, buenos aires.

included in the cd sudamérica electrónica 1 (compilado de audio #01) published by sudamérica electrónica.

Creative Commons License

janoide1 (2007)

Monday, June 11th, 2007

2007-06-11 - concerts in limb0 2007 #3 - janoide1
a dual sound art concert in secondlife and the real world.

a live concert in buenos aires’ museum of modern art and vibration institute’s secondlife headquarters presenting sound textures by santiágo peresón [yaco] and works by oe3, a prototype non-human composer, performed in real time. visual installations and video performance presented by los angeles audio/visual artist computo.

secondlife - 3:00 pm slt
vibration institute
kitsune (32, 112, 681)

buenos aires - 19:00 art
museo de arte moderno
av. corrientes 172, segundo piso

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Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

i recently started working on oe4. will be a long ride:

  • nanoclt: nano cultures, societies of independent agents (’umpalumpas’) which qualify both incoming stimuli and created compositions, based on artificially self-generated non-random aesthetic criteria.
  • compgen: compositional techniques fully created by the system using puredata.
  • arachnes: ‘vagab’ module base, will search the Internet for stimuli.

the intention is to erase the human being (ie: me) from the circuit: stimuli are gathered by an autonomous module (vagab / arachnes), selected by another (nanoclt), used by another (compgen) and the its produced compositions are rewarded by another one (nanoclts again).

this will push human influence further away to become a more subtle (and difficult to avoid) interference, ie: the mental schemes in which the project is based, the criteria used to separate and assign tasks within the system, or the control of the subtle parameters inside it.